moxie \Mox"ie\, n. 1. energy; pep. 2. courage 3. Know-how, expertise.
fortitude and determination; "he didn't have the moxie to try it" [syn: backbone, grit, guts, sand, gumption]

Moxxi Communications is a public relations firm built on the idea of know-how and expertise combined with the courage, energy and determination to make things happen. A new twist on an old word.

Moxxi means having the right connections to raise visibility, the insight to help build significant companies, the history to understand shifting markets, the smarts to never confuse activity with results and the creativity to see beyond the press release.

It's a sharp focus on key business objectives and consistently delivering measurable value from smart ideas. The idea is to implement innovative, synergistic and comprehensive programs down to the last detail - on time, on target and on budget.

Moxxi Communications is me, Lisa Zwick. I came up with Moxxi when I realized that there are a lot of businesses that want the expertise of a big agency, but don't necessarily want all that comes with the big agency model. These businesses aren't only the small start-ups, but also the big established companies. I'm able to offer the same "brainpower" on a very intimate, cost-effective level.

I focus on public relations and communication services - because it's what I do best. I do not handle advertising, collateral development, media buying, website design or investor relations.



"The hand that rules the press, the radio, the screen and the far-spread magazine, rules the country."

-Learned Hand, Memorial service for Justice Brandeis, December 21, 1942


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